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SSP Pooled Fund Study

The primary objective of the Pooled Fund Study will be to gain technical information related to SSP program management, standards associated with SSP response protocol and the implementation of traffic control, and references and guidance related to staffing, training, and resource allocations within SSP programs. The goals include: 1. Assemble best practices and lessons learned from existing programs 2. Develop guidance documents based on lessons learned from existing programs 3. Reference or create tools that will help agencies make informed program decisions such as route selection, staffing levels, and resource allocation

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COVID-19 Economic Impact

As the economic impact of COVID-19 begins to be realized by departments of transportation and tollroad authorities across the country, budgets will be tightened and public services will be at risk of losing vital funding. Please click here to view resources to learn how you can be proactive to demonstrate your patrol’s return on investment to state decision makers.

National SSP Chart

Through extensive research and communication with Departments of Transportation and transportation agencies, compiled a thorough chart detailing the existing Safety Service Patrols on a state by state basis… Read More

State Resources

Each state agency’s Safety Service Patrol follows state guidelines and procedures. This section provides readers with a look at state specific guide books and manuals for use as a resource when creating a new program or updating current protocol. Topics covered include training, operating procedures and more… Read More

Highlighted Studies

Many studies and research papers explore Safety Service Patrols and their performance on America’s highways. often uses these studies when researching article topics and interviewing SSP professionals. For further reading or as a reference provides a list of highlighted studies for your viewing… Read More

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