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Safety Service Patrols represent a highly effective and discrete program within highway operations and ITS. We aim to serve you. Tell us what is needed and what's relevant.

Over the past thirty plus years, Safety Service Patrols have been an integral component of highway safety operations and traffic incident management. Today, these patrols operate in 40 states servicing over 12,000 miles of heavily traveled highways and interstates. was created by Travelers Marketing to provide a resource and an interactive forum for Safety Service Patrol programs across the country. shares and discusses best practices, guidelines, rules, regulations and legislation that affect Safety Service Patrols. It also profiles industry leaders and reports on patrol activities around the country. serves an audience of transportation leaders, policy makers, Safety Service Patrol drivers, operators, ITS engineers, advocates for safer highways and academics. To receive updates on industry-related topics and to be notified of opportunities to contribute, subscribe to’s mailing list.