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Master Vehicle Mover

The Master Vehicle Mover or MVM™ is the quickest and safest way to move wrecked or disabled vehicles.

Moving Disabled Vehicles Faster

According to the Traffic Incident Management Coalition (TIM), opening as many lanes as possible, as soon as possible, remains a top priority for traffic incident management and will reduce the chance of secondary accidents.

The Master Vehicle Mover or MVM™ is the quickest and safest way to move wrecked or disabled vehicles. The MVM™ has its own self contained trailer device which allows the MVM™ to be deployed to traffic incidents with first responders (deploys in seven seconds) and clear the roadway without delay rather than waiting for other specialized equipment to be dispatched.

An average two-car accident that blocks multiple traffic lanes can be removed from the roadway and onto the shoulder in two minutes or less once the MVM™ has arrived on scene. Utilizing the MVM™ will allow the highways to be cleared quickly while saving your community time and money.

The MVM™ operates much like a zero turn mower or skid steer and is capable of turning in its own foot print. It utilizes a 4X rubber track drive system to easily maneuver cars and light trucks from the roadway. The MVM™ is highly visible, maneuverable and rated for 3,500 pounds of lift.

A Testimonial from MODOT

Earlier this year, KC Scout took delivery of the first Master Vehicle Mover in production.  The MVM is utilized by our Motorist Assist and Emergency Response units in the Kansas City Metro area.  We have used the MVM on many occasions since it was placed into service.  When the MVM is at the scene of an incident we are able to clear traffic lanes much quicker than we were able to before.  We can quickly and safely move vehicles and debris from the roadway, allowing for lanes to be reopened.  While the MVM is normally used to move vehicles, we have also used it to assist in the repair of expansion joints on a bridge.

The sooner that we are able to clear the roadways and resume the normal flow of traffic, the safer it is for responders and motorists.  We minimize our exposure to traffic, the exposure of our equipment to traffic, and reduce frustration on the part of motorists.

The Master Vehicle Mover is an innovative piece of equipment that has improved the efficiency of our Traffic Incident Management Program.  We hope to increase the number of units in service in our program soon.

– Rusty James, Incident Management Coordinator, KC Scout

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