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Question of the Quarter

Safety Service Patrol drivers sometimes carry additional materials in their vehicle specifically for assisted motorists, such as water on a hot day or a coloring book or teddy bear for assisted motorists with children on board.
What special items do you carry with you beyond the standard equipment used to provide assistance to motorists that makes your service more effective and more memorable?

“The Arizona Department of Public Safety freeway service patrol drivers carry drinking water for stranded motorists.  We do not provide coloring books or other novelty items for children or adults.  There are a number of special events that the Department encounters that require additional assistance from the freeway service patrol.  These can include funeral processions for police line of duty deaths and presidential visits to the Phoenix area.  Freeway service patrol drivers are frequently used to supplement Highway Patrol officers with traffic control assignments.  “

  – Burley Copeland, Captain, Arizona Highway Patrol

“Kansas is having another summer of record high temperatures with triple digits reached for 21 days of July alone. To better serve those motorists needing help, our State Farm Motorist Assist drivers are now carrying a small cooler with iced-down bottled water. Providing water is an important safety benefit in this extreme heat as it can help prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. Plus, our drivers report motorists are genuinely touched by such a small gesture of kindness; one that hopefully will further imprint the goodwill of State Farm on those we assist.”

  – Jeri Biehler, Marketing & Special Projects Manager, Kansas Turnpike Authority

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