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Fall 2012

Benefit-To-Cost Analysis for Safety Service Patrols

By Suzannah Cockerille

The key benefits of employing Safety Service Patrols (SSP) are reductions in the number and duration of travel delays and reduction in fuel consumption, secondary incidents, and environmentally damaging emissions. However, there’s a growing need to quantify and analyze these benefits in order to compare their efficacy with their capital, administrative and operational costs. With an ever-increasing focus on the effectiveness and expense of all aspects of traffic incident management, new methodologies and new tools are being used to assess the value of Safety Service Patrols… Read More

Hoosier Helper: The PBS Inside Story

In 2006, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Hoosier Helpers came to the aid of Nathan Jenson who was partaking in an air ambulance charity event that originated in California, a small town in England, and ended in California here in the United States when his double decker bus became lodged beneath a bridge that was too low to pass.  “I was fascinated by their service,” says Jenson. “And obviously very grateful that they’d come out and helped to get us turned around.” Six years later, Jenson is looking forward to the airing of a PBS documentary exploring the work of the INDOT Hoosier Helpers… Read More

Headlights On… Jeffrey Lindley

The Associate Administrator of Operations of the Department of Operations for the Federal Highway Administration talks to Safe Highway Matters about traffic incident management today, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century law and highway safety… Read More

News & Notes

A look at developments from Safety Service Patrols from state to state… Learn More

Driver Question of the Quarter

Safety Service Patrol drivers sometimes carry additional materials in their vehicle specifically for assisted motorists, such as water on a hot day or a coloring book or teddy bear for assisted motorists with children on board. What special items do you carry with you beyond the standard equipment used to provide assistance to motorists that makes your service more effective and more memorable?… Read Responses

Editor’s Note

Have you ever wondered what you’re worth? We did. The team here at Safe Highway Matters has researched the value of Safety Service Patrols and the service they provide again and again. If assisted motorists’ praise and thanks or the national and state recognition and awards do not prove the value of SSPs, the study after study showing an undeniable benefit to society that most often far outweighs the cost to operate the patrol sure does… Read More

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