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Question of the Quarter

Do you have a system set in place to reward Safety Service Patrol drivers for their work? For example, do you give “Outstanding Service” awards to Safety Service Patrol drivers who go above and beyond?
For what reasons do you give out awards? And what do you give? How do you determine which driver will be rewarded and how often do you reward them?

“The Road Ranger Program is one of the most effective elements of the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Traffic Incident Management (TIM) program. Road Ranger Service Patrols play a major role in alleviating congestion, improving traffic flow, assisting and clearing primary incidents as well as assisting disabled motorists. The Road Ranger mission is to provide free highway assistance services during incidents to reduce delay and improve safety for the motoring public and responders.

To commemorate exceptional performance the SMART SunGuide Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) holds the annual Outstanding Service Awards Ceremony to recognize individual’s commitment and service above and beyond the call of duty. A highlight of the ceremony is the presentation of the Road Ranger Dedication to Motorist Assistance award which is recognized with a plaque. This award chosen by RTMC staff members is given to the Road Ranger who has gone above their job description in the incident management program.”

  – Danielle Chapel, FDOT District Four ITS Units

“We do have a Road Ranger of the month program in which our Road Ranger contractor selects a Road Ranger for various reasons.  The contractor provides the phone number and a photo of the Road Ranger so that we can interview the winner and post a brief statement and photo on the FDOT District 6 ITS website.  We also send an email blast to our TIM team highlighting the winner.  Finally, we recognize past winners at the FDOT District 6 Town Hall meetings.  The District Secretary or PIO will announce the winner in front of the FDOT staff as well as receive a certificate and get their picture taken with the Secretary.

The Road Ranger of the Month program was proposed by our contractor therefore they determine who will get it each month however FDOT can recommend someone if we want.”

Rossi Gaudio, EI, Incident Management Team Leader, FDOT SunGuide TMC – District Six, Road Rangers 

 “A great question, but alas I must answer in the negative.”

 – Mark Taylor, Safety/ Training Coordinator, Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, Courtesy Patrol

“NH does not have a reward program for safety patrol drivers.”

Christopher M. Waszczuk, P.E., Administrator, New Hampshire Bureau of Turnpikes, NHDOT Safety Patrol

“We typically don’t accept donations, any money received typically goes to offset incurred cost of the Samaritan. But we are civilian, volunteer, nonprofit.”

Jason Hasseman, State Patrol Supervisor, Ohio Courtesy Patrol (Submitted via Safety service patrollers united! Facebook Group)

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