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Question of the Quarter

How much technology is too much technology in your patrol vehicle? From radio communications to PDAs to laptops, does technology become distracting to patrol drivers out on the road? How do you ensure technology does not distract you while driving?

“This is a good question, we are looking at going on to the next stage in ‘in vehicle communications’ and have many questions:

 How much kit is to much?? Are the systems that are being used “made” by the companies we work for because of budget issues or we work for a bigger company and so have  just adopted and added to a system already in place? Can many systems and devices be integrated into one system?? If so what are they and who makes them?”

Steven Beven, Acting Team Leader Road Operations, VicRoads, Incident Response Service (Australia)

Want to share your experience with technology and patrol vehicle safety kits?

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