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Question of the Quarter

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What’s your best practice for staying safe while on the job?

“Pulling behind the vehicle and keeping an adequate distance of approximately 20 feet between the ESP vehicle and the motorist’s vehicle to create a buffer zone, engage safety lights and arrow board and/or truck mounted variable message sign (VMS) of vehicle, approach the motorist vehicle from the non-traffic side and never stand between vehicles. Know where you are as opposed to where the traffic is and monitor your surroundings at all times. Always keep your composure. The life you save could be your own.”

– ESP Supervisor, New Jersey DOT

“I try to follow these practices at every incident: 1) Wear your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at ALL times; 2) Always attempt to leave a buffer zone between the response vehicle and the incident; 3) Keep ALL parked response vehicles on the same side of the roadway at an incident; 4) Always turn the wheels of the response vehicle toward the shoulder of the road and away from the travel lanes; 5) Always attempt to face oncoming traffic and NOT walk with your back to oncoming traffic; and 6) Always attempt to approach the victim’s vehicle from the shoulder side of the roadway.”

– Rick F., State Farm Safety Patrol Driver, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

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