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Session 2: Performance

In 2015, FHWA and began hosting quarterly webinars for Safety Service Patrol Supervisors and FHWA Division Administrators to discuss topics related to the operation and ongoing management of Safety Service Patrols.

Safety Service Patrol Idea-Sharing Network Sessions

Session 2: Performance Measures

On October 23, 2015, FHWA and hosted its second Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Idea-Sharing Network Session. The session focused on Performance Measures for SSPs and included presentations from four guest speakers: Shawn Kinney, Florida DOT TIM and Road Ranger Program Manager; Scott Yinger, Maryland State Highway Administration Chief of Field Operations Division; Vince Fairhurst, Washington State DOT State Incident Response Program Manager; and Paul Jodoin, FHWA TIM Program Manager, Traffic Incidents and Events Management Team. The presentations from each of these speakers are available to download below. The entire session (including audio) is also available for viewing at this link: 

(click to download each of the following)

Session Agenda
Session 2 Chat Room Transcript
FDOT Road Rangers Performance Measures Presented by Shawn Kinney
MDSHA Emergency Patrol Performance Measures Presented by Scott Yinger
WSDOT Incident Response Team Performance Measures Presented by Vince Fairhurst
FHWA National Tools and Resources for Measuring Performance by Paul Jodoin


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