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Session 7: Vehicle Selection

In 2015, FHWA and began hosting quarterly webinars for Safety Service Patrol Supervisors and FHWA Division Administrators to discuss topics related to the operation and ongoing management of Safety Service Patrols.

Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network

Session 7: Safety Service Patrol Vehicle Types and Selection

On June 1, 2017, FHWA and hosted its seventh Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Idea-Sharing Network Session. This session focused on Safety Service Patrol Vehicle Types and Selection and included presentations from five guest speakers: Tim Morin, Coordinator of Emergency Services for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation; Ryan Davids, Managing Member of Incident Clear (Private Operator for MassDOT and Colorado DOT); Scott Yinger, Chief, Field Operations Division for Maryland State Highway Administration; Kurt Kendro, Freeway Service Patrol Operations Manager for Parsons on behalf of Hawaii DOT; and Jason Josey, HERO Manager for Georgia Department of TransportationThe presentations from each of these speakers are available to download below:

(click to download each of the following)

Session Agenda
Session 7 Chat Room Transcript
Tim Morin, MassDOT
Ryan Davids, Incident Clear
Scott Yinger, MD SHA
Kurt Kendro, Parsons (Hawaii DOT)
Jason Josey, Georgia DOT