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Spring 2011

Safety Training for Safety Service Patrols

By Rebecca Kanable

“When you step out of the vehicle onto the highway, you’re stepping into harm’s way,” says Jack Sullivan, Director of Training at the Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI). “Many times we assume that because we’ve got a fancy vehicle with flashing lights and maybe an arrow board that that’s enough to protect us. The reality is that motorists today are too distracted.”…Read More

Questions on Training

Federal Highway Administration’s Paul Jodoin answers questions about the Field Operations Guide for Safety/Service Patrols released by FHWA and encourages states to utilize as a resource when training Safety Service Patrol drivers… Read More

Headlights On… Joseph Sagal

With previous experience in roadway maintenance for Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA), Joseph Sagal became involved with MDSHA’s CHART program years ago. Now as the Operations Manager-Field Operations for Maryland State Highway Administration, Sagal speaks to Safe Highway Matters about his previous experiences, his current position managing MDSHA’s Emergency Patrol, the importance of the work performed by MDSHA’s CHART and what he would like to learn about from other state’s programs… Read More

News & Notes

A look at developments from Safety Service Patrols from state to state… Learn More

Driver Question of the Quarter

What previous professional experience helped to prepare you for your position as a Safety Service Patrol driver?… Read Responses

Editor’s Note

Each and every quarter, is looking for new and exciting information about Safety Service Patrols and new ways to share it with our readers. The second quarter of 2011 was no different, and is excited to have concluded another issue of Safe Highway Matters that looks at the training of Safety Service Patrol drivers… Read More

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