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Tow Truck Rodeos

Tow truck rodeos are an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know fellow roadway professionals.

Tow Truck Rodeos

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“Miss Shannon,” a tow truck, is polished off for the “Beauty Contest” competition. Photo from and Amy Kane Photo.

Across the nation, annual tow truck rodeos are attracting Safety Service Patrol drivers and tow truck professionals. Tow truck rodeos, also referred to as tow truck shows or competitions, are opportunities to gather the tow truck community together. Depending on the specific rodeo, events span from one to multiple days and attendees range from tow truck drivers, towing company management, Safety Service Patrol professionals, as well as family and friends. Although various tow truck rodeo event itineraries differ, the majority include a driver competition, tow truck beauty contest or parade, and family-friendly entertainment.

The type and size of tow truck rodeos and shows vary. The majority seem to range from county to state-wide shows, where an emphasis is placed on the gathering of local tow truck drivers and companies. These local tow shows target professional drivers, but also encourage friends, family, and community members to come and enjoy the show. Often, in addition to driver competition and tow truck parades, the local tow shows will include raffles, barbecuing, children’s games, etc.


Tow Trucks parade down the road as a part of the Hampton, NH Tow Rodeo weekend that takes place in May. Photo from and Vacation Media | John Walsh

As an example, for over forty years, the Annual Hampton Beach Tow Truck Rodeo in New Hampshire has been a great success. This two day rodeo includes a popular tow truck parade, featuring the newest models to vintage vehicles, and also a tow truck beauty contest and the Best Driver of the Day competition. Additionally, there are a variety of kid friendly activities, raffles, police K-9 demonstrations, and food vendors.

On a much larger scale, national and international tow truck expositions also take place in various cities across the United States. In addition to the driver competition, truck contests, food and entertainment, these large tow truck expos focus on the overall towing industry. The large expositions display the latest technological innovations in towing, tutorials on road safety and maintenance, training and certification seminars, plus other towing industry information.

Regardless of the tow show size, the driver competition is often the most common and exciting attraction. The driver competition includes several events intended to simulate the typical daily tasks of a tow truck or Safety Service Patrol professional. Various event rounds include competing to change tires, filling up


The Tennessee Tow Show generates quite a crowd. Photo from

gas tanks, backing up trucks, towing cars through an obstacle-filled course, handling lock outs, etc. The tow truck drivers are timed and judged on their skill and safety in managing the tasks. Winners of the driver event competitions often win small prizes and personal recognition, but also positive acknowledgment for their towing company. In addition to the praise and recognition, the tow truck rodeos are an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know fellow roadway professionals.

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