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Editor’s Note

We’d like to extend our special thanks to Brian Purvis, Jim Hogan, Sandra Montes, Ken Wissel, Bernardo Guevara, David Todd and all of the DOT representatives who contributed information to this quarter’s newsletter.

Editor’s Note

Happy New Year to all of our readers! The new year is an exciting one for Safe Highway Matters and with the launch of a brand new website, a Twitter page and a Facebook page. With these new additions, Safe Highway Matters continues to enhance its network for Safety Service Patrol professionals.

The website will house all of our previously published articles as well as links to studies and our national chart on Safety Service Patrols, while our Twitter and Facebook pages will keep you informed of the latest news stories about Safety Service Patrols and notifications of participation requests from Safe Highway Matters. All of these new outlets encourage communication between Safety Service Patrol Operators, professionals and administrators and our staff, and most importantly, amongst each other. Each article gives readers the option to leave a comment to provide feedback to as well as voicing opinions on the article topic.

This issue looks at the process by which DOT’s and administering agencies determine the best patrol routes for Safety Service Patrols. Our feature article looks at New Jersey DOT, Michigan DOT and Virginia DOT patrols, while a sidebar article on Colorado DOT’s Heavy Tow Program demonstrates the effectiveness of pinpointing an area that requires additional efforts and addition to keep the roadways safe and congestion down. In addition, Brian Purvis from the North Carolina DOT shares with Safe Highway Matters how NCDOT’s Incident Management Assistant Patrol (IMAP) reevaluated their patrol routes and recently expanded their coverage areas.

The various methods used to determine the best patrol coverage for an area are important facets of these patrols. While budget can play a large role in this process, by and large the main objective is to keep America’s roadways safe and to pinpoint those roadways that have the highest frequency of incidents. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue. Your input helps to further inform our readers of the multiple methods available for managing Safety Service Patrols.

As always, we encourage our readers to discuss these issues and the articles found within this edition of Safe Highway Matters. As Brian Purvis told Safe Highway Matters, “we can’t do it alone. Partnering with other agencies has been critical to our success.”

Wishing you safe travels,

Rita Gallagher

Editor in Chief

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