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Session 27: Situational Awareness

Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network

Session 27: Situational Awareness

On Tuesday, June 13, hosted its twenty-seventh Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network webinar. The topic for this session was Situational Awareness, which is defined as “a person’s ability to perceive and understand what is happening in their environment, in the context of how time is passing, and then being able to make accurate predictions about future events… hopefully in time to prevent bad outcomes.” (Dr. Rich Gasaway)

Dr. Rich Gasaway and Jeremy Saul from Situational Awareness Matters, shared their expertise on this topic and provided an overview on the importance of Situational Awareness and how it relates to Safety Service Patrols. This session provided attendees with a solid understanding of what situational awareness is, how it is developed, how it can erode, and best practices for improving situational awareness and decision-making outcomes.

Session Recording:

Full Session Recording

Session Resources:

Situational Awareness Matters

Situational Awareness Periodic Table

Book: How Smart Workers Use Situational Awareness by Dr. Richard Gasaway

Post-Crash Care Article by John Sullivan


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