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Question of the Quarter

What previous professional experience helped to prepare you for your position as a Safety Service Patrol driver?


“Working in roadway maintenance before CHART knowing the roadways and regions. Training knowledge and experiences while on patrol, day to day life experiences on the road and keeping an eye out watching sharply for major hazards. Classes in First aid/CPR and traffic and incident management and towing to help move accidents quick and safe.”

Mike Meek, Emergency Response Technician, Maryland SHA

“NJDOT typically hires (post vacant positions) to our Maintenance Bureau.  Selected candidates are hired as apprentices for a duration of two years.  During the apprenticeship, NJDOT’s training program covers all aspects of the job with them.

The main reason to hire from the Maintenance workforce is due to their knowledge with the ESP coverage areas particularly egress/ingress to NJ roadway systems in addition to other factors.”

Gabriel Maged, ESP Regional Supervisor, NJDOT

See NJDOT’s Curriculum used to train apprentices and the career path to an Operator title after successfully completing their training.

“A lot of our drivers start off as towing and road service drivers and are trained by our towing professionals.”

Anthony, Roll Rite Towing contracted with NYSDOT H.E.L.P.

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