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Editor’s Note

We’d like to extend our special thanks to Luisa Paiewonsky, Rick DeMeis and those DOT's who submitted information to our

Editor’s Note

With winter approaching Safety Service Patrols across the country are out on the roads helping motorists who find themselves unprepared for, amongst other things, the cooler temperatures, the wild animals roaming the highway and the increase in rainfall, wind and in the northern regions, snow. We at Safe Highway Matters would like to acknowledge and thank the additional efforts put forth by the Safety Service Patrol Operators and professionals who ensure that highway safety remains the top priority throughout the change in seasons.

An increase in our readership participation and outreach has helped form one of our best issues yet. Extended news stories from multiple patrols as well as interviews and input provided by other patrols, helps to expand the network that Safe Highway Matters was created to be for Safety Service Patrols across the country. We would like to thank each and every reader who contributed to this and previous issues.

This issue focuses largely on technology and the role it plays for SSPs. It is impressive to see the types of technologies available to highway safety workers and to explore their benefits. Simultaneously, it is refreshing to discover that despite all of these technologies, nothing can replace the assistance of an SSP driver. SSP drivers provide the compassion and reassurance to motorists that would otherwise be lost on technology. Luisa Paiewonsky, MassDOT Highway Administrator, recognizes the importance of a combined effort: “It really becomes clear that using a variety of tools, including highway patrols, is a very efficient method of managing our highways.” (See Headlights on… Luisa Paiewonsky, page 2.)

On a final note, Safe Highway Matters would like to remind its readers of its upcoming switch to an e-newsletter in 2011. Please be sure to send us your email for inclusion on our mailing list. In addition to the e-newsletter, will have a fresh look and house all previous issues of the newsletter for your convenience. Be sure to check it out!

Wishing you safe travels,

Rita Gallagher
Editor in Chief

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