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Winter 2011

Methods to Determining Patrol Route Coverage

By David Todd

“We found ourselves in a budget crunch, and had to make hard decisions about the extent of our safety service patrols.” So said Jim Hogan, Executive Director of Statewide Traffic Operations for the New Jersey DOT when reviewing the determining factors of choosing patrol routes for NJDOT’s Safety Service Patrol… Read More

Heavy Tow Program Lightens Congestion

Faced with chronic congestion, peak winter travel days, colossal winter storms and varying elevations, the I-70 Ski corridor can be a challenging roadway for motorists traveling through Colorado, a major east west link… Read More

Headlights On… Brian Purvis

Brian Purvis, State Incident Management Engineer for North Carolina DOT, speaks to Safe Highway Matters about the effectiveness of the Incident Management Assistant Patrol (IMAP) and the progress of the program as well as the importance of communication between states with Safety Service Patrols… Read More

News & Notes

A look at developments from Safety Service Patrols from state to state… Learn More

Driver Question of the Quarter

What benefits and/or disadvantages have you discovered from patrolling a longer distance patrol beat as compared to a shorter distance patrol beat? And along your patrol route what is the most common incident you encounter?… Read Responses

Editor’s Note

The new year is an exciting one for Safe Highway Matters and with the launch of a brand new website, a Twitter page and a Facebook page. With these new additions, Safe Highway Matters continues to enhance its network for Safety Service Patrol professionals… Read More

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