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Question of the Quarter

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What “trick of the trade” does your patrol utilize?

“For years we have been using inflatable kiddie pools when dealing with hazardous spills. Wedging these inflated pools under leaking vehicles has been an effective way to contain fluid from putting other motorists in danger. Additionally, the kiddie pools don’t take up too much space, so they are easy to store in the trucks.”

– Gary Millsaps, Georgia DOT

“The Illinois DOT Emergency Traffic Patrol (ETP) uses an aggressive posture with safe quick clearance techniques. Our drivers have been trained by Wreckmaster, a premier towing and recovery trainer. Using the information learned from this course, our Minutemen can safely and quickly hook-up to disabled and wrecked vehicles using our medium-duty, fully hydraulic wheel lift to wing system.”

– Jim McKay, Illinois DOT

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