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Session 8: Major Traffic Events

Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network

Session 8: Responding to Major Traffic Events

On October 19, 2017, FHWA and hosted its eighth Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Idea-Sharing Network Session. This session focused on Preparing for and Responding to Major Traffic Events and included presentations from the session moderator, Jason Josey, HERO Manager for the Georgia Department of Transportation, and three guest speakers: Kevin Devine, I-25 Corridor Operations Manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation; Owen Hasson, Incident Management Coordinator of the Missouri Department of Transportation – St. Louis District; and Sal Cowan, Director of Traffic Operations for the New Jersey Department of TransportationThe presentations from each of these speakers are available to download below:

(click to download each of the following)

Session Agenda
Session 8 Chat Room Transcript
Jason Josey, Georgia DOT
Kevin Devine, Colorado DOT
Owen Hasson, Missouri DOT
Sal Cowan, New Jersey DOT
Colorado DOT Supplemental Materials:
Consequence Management Plan
Solar Eclipse Region 4