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Fall/Winter 2013

Enhancing Safety Service Patrol Drivers’ Safety on the Roadside

By Rebecca Kanable

For Safety Service Patrol operators working in high-traffic, high-speed lanes, measures can be taken to improve safety. Lynn R. Self, Courtesy Patrol program manager with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) in Texas, explained it like this: “Incidents happen – we want to minimize the damage caused by them.” Measures to improve safety include highly visible vehicles and uniforms. Temporary traffic control devices, communication and training also can make a difference… Read More

Move Over

Safety Service Patrols would like the public to be reminded of the Move Over Law in their state. If there’s any shoulder work or activity, Lynn Self, Courtesy Patrol program manager with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, says motorists should give the workers the professional courtesy of moving over or if they can’t move over, slow down… Read More

Headlights On… Anthony T. Furst

Associate Administrator for Safety at the Office of Safety within the Federal Highway Administration discusses how his experience in the US Navy and working with the US Coast Guard has led him to his position with the FHWA today and how he and his colleagues determine safety countermeasures, in particular the nine proven countermeasures that show significant effectiveness in addressing intersection, pedestrian, and roadway departure safety issues… Read More

News & Notes

A look at developments from Safety Service Patrols from state to state… Learn More

Driver Question of the Quarter

How much technology is too much technology in your patrol vehicle? From radio communications to PDAs to laptops, does technology become distracting to patrol drivers out on the road? How do you ensure technology does not distract you while driving? …Read Responses

Editor’s Note

Safety is the top priority for first responders and transportation professionals working on our nation’s busiest roadways – safety of the traveling public and safety of the responder. For Safety Service Patrol drivers, taking safety precautions is part of the daily routine… Read More

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