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Session 11: Patrol Coverage

Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network

Session 11: Patrol Coverage Areas & When to Expand

On October 11, 2018, and NOCoE hosted its eleventh Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Idea-Sharing Network Session with the assistance of its steering committee. The session focused on Determining Patrol Coverage Areas and When to Expand. It was moderated by John McClellan and included presentations from three guest speakers: Sal Cowan, Senior Director of Transportation Mobility for the New Jersey Department of Transportation Systems and Support Unit; Brett Sellers, Assistant State TSM&O Engineer for the Alabama DOT; and Brian Purvis, CHAMP Project Manager for AECOM on behalf of Georgia DOT. In addition, NOCoE’s Niloo Parvinashtiani provided an introduction to their organization and National Traffic Incident Awareness Week efforts. The presentations from each of these speakers are available to download below:

(click to download each of the following)

Session Agenda
Sal Cowan: Data Driven Analysis of Coverage Areas
Brett Sellers: Expanding Patrol Coverage in Alabama
Brian Purvis: Rural Patrol Coverage
Niloo Parvinashtiani: Introduction to NOCoE
Webinar Video Recording