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Session 20: Show & Tell Pt 2

Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network

Session 20: Safety Service Patrol Show and Tell Part II

On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, hosted its twentieth Safety Service Patrol Idea Sharing Network webinar with support from NOCoE. This session was a continuation of the previous Session 19 Show and Tell.

During this interactive 2-hour session, SSP professionals had the chance to view different types of equipment and vehicles from several SSP operators across the country. Presenters highlighted best practices and discussed what makes their equipment/trucks different from other states. The audience viewed the interiors and exteriors of SSP trucks, along with technologies or equipment that make their job more efficient.

Session recordings and resources are available below.

Session Resources:

Session Agenda

Full Session Recording

Individual Patrol Presentations:
Additional Resources:

Big Data Approaches for TIM – FHWA & AEM Corp.

“Stop the Bleed” Training

J-TEC LaneBlade

Beacon-4-LIFE Light Manufacturer

pi-lit: SmartFlare Manufacturer

Arrow Board Messaging Configuration

Greasweep Hazardous Waste Absorbant

“Slow Down, Move Over” Mud Flap

Examples of SSP Standard Operating Procedures

SSP Tracker App Technologies:
HAAS Alert

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