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Editor’s Note

We’d like to extend our special thanks to Wanda Williams, Tara Baukus Mellos and those DOT's who participated in our

Editor’s Note

In these summer months, Safety Service Patrols have to be extra aware of the safety of motorists as well as themselves. We, at Safe Highway Matters, would like to acknowledge and thank the additional efforts put forth by the Safety Service Patrol Operators and professionals who ensure highway safety remains the top priority despite increasing temperatures and storms. A bottle of water and a helping hand are just what some motorists need during their summer travels.

As Safe Highway Matters continues to cover the news of Safety Service Patrols across the country, we would like to thank those patrols who contributed to this issue. Many patrols are taking the initiative to update their vehicles, their equipment and their recognition of the operators who make these programs successful on a daily basis. Be sure to check out our “News & Notes” section of this issue for updates on a number of these patrols. Safe Highway Matters welcomes contributions to this publication throughout the year.

The feature article of this issue is a particularly important one. While the main priority of many of these patrols is to assist motorists along the highways, it is also imperative to recognize the many other benefits that the patrols provide, of which a cleaner environment is just one. We’d like to thank Tara Baukus Mello for penning “The ‘Green’ Effect” article as well as the many Safety Service Patrol professionals who offered their input on the topic.

A special thank you to Wanda Williams, Sunshine Towing and the Florida DOT for working with us to produce an outstanding profile piece on a courageous female Road Ranger. For many of these programs it is a rarity to see a female hold the position of Safety Service Patrol Operator, but Wanda proves that women are ready to step up in any facet of the field.
Finally, Safe Highway Matters would like to inform its readers of its upcoming switch to an e-newsletter in 2011. Please be sure to send us your email for inclusion on our mailing list.

Wishing you safe travels,

Rita Gallagher
Editor in Chief

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