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State Resources

A listing of state resources, including training guides and operations standards. Send your state's guides to for inclusion on this page.

National Guidelines

National Unified Goal & Roadway Incident Scene Safety

Provided by Emergency Responder Safety Institute; Updated 2011



Maintenance of Traffic for Incident Responders in Florida: Computer Based Training Developed by FDOT

Provided by Florida DOT

Georgia DOT H.E.R.O. Unit Student Training Manual

Provided by Georgia DOT; Updated 2007

Statewide Emergency Service Patrol: New Hire (ESP Apprentice) Training Curriculum

Provided by NJDOT

NYSDOT Driver Training Outline – Region 8

Provided by NYSDOT

Mind Over Matter

Provided by TXDOT; Updated 2006


Standard Operating Guides

Florida’s Turnpike Safety Patrol Program Standard Operating Guidelines

Provided by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise; Updated 2008

Bay Area Freeway Service Patrol Operator’s Manual

Provided by MTC-SAFE; Updated 2011

NYSDOT HELP Monitoring Procedures – Region 8

Provided by NYSDOT

COMET: Oregon DOT’s Region 1 Incident Response Program – Standard Operations & Guidelines

Provided by Oregon DOT


Equipment Lists and Proposals

Bay Area Freeway Service Patrol Equipment List

Provided by MTC SAFE; Updated 2011

NSYDOT HELP Equipment List

Provided by NYSDOT; Updated 2011

INDOT Hoosier Helper Equipment Tour

Produced by Travelers Marketing

WSDOT Equipment Proposal for Turbo Flares

Provided by WSDOT

WSDOT Equipment Proposal for Detour Signs

Provided by WSDOT


If you have a resource that you would like to share, please email the resource or a link to the resource to Molly McDermott, will maintain this database.

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