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Team Members

Elizabeth LaBelle

Project Manager and Editor in Chief of Safe Highway Matters

Elizabeth holds a BA in Government and Spanish from Smith College. She is currently a member of Women in Transportation (WTS) Boston. Elizabeth has previous experience in web design and marketing. Elizabeth focuses on data collection and presentation with special attention paid to the design and formatting of and Safe Highway Matters. Through and her work at Travelers Marketing, Elizabeth has made a number of Safety Service Patrol industry contacts across the country.

Rita Gallagher

Content Strategist and Editorial Advisor of Safe Highway Matters

Rita holds an MS in Journalism from Boston University and a BA in Communication from Tulane University. She is currently a member of Women in Transportation (WTS) Boston. Rita and her team manage the content of and Safe Highway Matters, strategizing on relevant topics to address and explore and connecting with key points of contact to provide insight on each topic. She is very knowledgeable about Safety Service Patrols and their role in traffic incident management and has a number of key contacts within the industry.

Kalie Button

Social Media Assistant

Kalie holds a BS in Communications from Boston University. She contributes to’s social media development. Kalie regularly conducts research about Safety Service Patrols across the country to stay informed about new patrol developments and to share those developments on’s Twitter (@SafeHighways) and Facebook pages.

David E. Stein and Sam McClain of Travelers Marketing also serve as consultants for